Psychotherapy & Counseling

Individual Therapy

Here are some of my areas of interest and specialties, feel free to email or call me if your issue is not on this list.

•  Anxiety

•  Anger management coaching (Individuals & Groups)

•  Adjustment issues

•  Alcohol & Drug Abuse/Addiction

•  Autism Spectrum Disorder

•  Cultural Integration and Acculturation Issues

•  Depression

•  Postpartum/Pregnancy

•  Relationship Issues

•  Self Esteem Issues

•  Socialization difficulty/social phobia

•  Stress Management

• Trauma, Loss & Grief

•  Victim of abuse or neglect

•  Work and Career Counseling

More Services:  People who want to talk about size acceptance, people of color, those in non-traditional relationships, members of the LGBTQ communities and everyone else who are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation.